Managed Cyber Resilience

Take Control of Cyber Risk and Improve your Cyber Posture

Partner with Socnology to proactively detect Cyber Security risks in your environment and develop robust security strategies that evolve with your expanding attack surface, ensuring cyber risk management for both the present and the future.

Assess, recommend and measure your Cyber Resilience

Our Managed Cyber Resilience program enables you to take a proactive approach towards enhancing your security posture by identifying areas for improvement and potential vulnerabilities.

Socnology can help you identify any weaknesses in your cybersecurity program and make sure it is in line with your business goals and compliance requirements. By doing this, we can reduce the risk of cyber attacks and make sure your cybersecurity strategy is tailored to your business’s specific needs and capabilities.

Socnology can assist you in identifying improvements in your cybersecurity plan and ensuring that it meets your company’s objectives and regulatory obligations. By doing so, we can lower the likelihood of cyber attacks and ensure that your cybersecurity strategy is customized to your organization’s unique needs and abilities.

Managed Cyber Resilience program is designed to assist businesses at any stage of their cybersecurity journey, whether they are just starting out or looking to strengthen their existing defenses against sophisticated cyber threats. By leveraging these programs, businesses can enhance their ability to detect and respond to security incidents, ultimately leading to a more effective and agile security operation.

What You Can Count On

Implements an information security program at enterprise level, including robust policies and procedures.

Aligns business objectives with your specific risks and vulnerabilities.

Helps your organization overcome resource limitations.

Socnology Managed Cyber Resilience service:

  • 24/7 Resilience Team Support
  • Reviews existing security programs
  • Builds new security programs
  • Provides consistent security hardening
  • Improves user resilience
  • Aligns security with regulation and business goals
  • Reduces attack surface exposure

hours per day

days per week


How we run our MCR 

A kick-off MCR service meeting is set to start reviewing existing documentation related to security programs, procedures  or policies. Afterwards a new version of the security programs is shared at the enterprise level, including the implementation of robust policies and procedures. Socnology MCR service  includes activities related to consistent security hardening, improving users’ resilience and alignment of security programs with existing regulation and business goals. It is our aim to reduce attack surface exposure with our MCR services to enable complete attack surface visibility, for that Socnology will recommend best practices over your security devices, endpoints and workloads. Additionally a reinforcement of operational activities deployed, mainly on response activities, that makes all the difference to prevent Cyber Attacks faster. Support over the implementation phase and periodical checks and reviews as a Cyber Resilience Management cycle.

Cyber security program Improvement

A comprehensive assessment of the organization’s current cybersecurity program, identification of gaps and weaknesses, and development of a plan to remediate those gaps and improve overall security. The assessment may include a review of the organization’s policies, procedures, and controls related to information security, as well as an evaluation of the organization’s technical security controls. Socnology can help organizations identify and address vulnerabilities before they are exploited, reduce the risk of data breaches, and improve their overall security posture.

Check and Recheck attack surface exposure

Reducing attack surface exposure means implementing measures to minimize the number of ways in which a system or network can be attacked. This involves identifying and addressing vulnerabilities that can be used to gain unauthorized access or execute malicious code. In addition, Socnology will help you reduce attack surface exposure by staying up-to-date with security patches and updates, training employees on security best practices and monitoring systems for signs of compromise or suspicious activity. By taking a proactive approach to security, organizations can help prevent successful attacks and minimize the impact of any security incidents that do occur.

Aligned with business goals and regulation

Aligning cybersecurity with regulation and business goals is a critical aspect of building a comprehensive cyber security strategy. It’s essential to have a thorough understanding of the regulatory requirements that apply to your organization. This includes not only the laws and regulations specific to your industry but also data protection regulations and privacy laws. On the other hand, implementing cybersecurity controls that align with both regulations and business goals is essential. Socnology can help ensure that your cybersecurity program is aligned with both regulations and business goals, providing a strong foundation for protecting your organization against cyber threats.

Meet Socnology Resilience Team

With the Socnology Resilience Team, you gain access to highly credentialed responders, with decades of experience and multiple industry certifications. Our team possesses extensive expertise in understanding how targeted attacks bypass defenses, including the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) employed by adversaries to accomplish their goals. Socnology’s Incident Response procedures are not reliant on inflexible frameworks, but rather on adaptable solutioning and practical incident response experience.