Cyber Resilience Team

Our team of Security Professionals is dedicated to defend your organization

By having the support of the Socnology Cyber Resilience Team, you have the ability to outsmart even the most advanced attackers. Equipped with exclusive insights and a comprehensive understanding of your attack landscape, our Cyber Analysts, Consultants, Threat Hunters and Incident Response Coordinators are committed to safeguarding your organization and swiftly neutralizing potential threats that could potentially interrupt your operations.

24/7 Cyber Analyst

Cyber Consultant

Threat Hunter

Incident Response Coordinator

Your security is our concern and
We are committed to defend you

Our Cyber Consultant is committed to ensuring that your business stays ahead of any disruptions in the cyber world. By partnering with an experienced cybersecurity team, threat hunters, and industry-renowned incident coordinators, we work together to provide you with the best protection possible. Your security is our top priority, and we are dedicated to making your security operation more responsive and your business more cyber resilient.

We understand that familiarity, consistency, and trust are essential to building an effective and efficient collaborative relationship. However, our commitment to Customer Success goes beyond that. We prioritize your risk management end-to-end, from hardening your defenses to supporting the strengthening of your security program and helping quantify your business risk. It’s crucial to us that we provide you with the best possible support in all aspects of cyber risk management.

Your Cyber Security Team:

An appointed member of your team who comprehends your business aims and security preferences is designated as your dedicated extension. They give priority to risk mitigation and compliance requirements that are customized to your industry. Their role involves expediting your swift and complete enrollment in Socnology’s managed security services. They collaborate with you on a consistent basis to ensure that your security position is progressing. Their efforts diminish your business risk and provide a return on your cyber investment. As needed, they bring in suitable team members from various departments to assist with important projects, address your inquiries, and support your security endeavors. Additionally, they stimulate ongoing enhancements in your defenses and overall services. 

Not only do you have a Cyber Consultant, but you also have constant access to our Cyber Analysts and Threat Hunters. Within Socnology team, everyone plays a role in protection your organization 24/7.

Our team of Cyber Analysts are available 24/7 to ensure the safety of your business. They continuously monitor your devices and are always ready for a live discussion when needed.
In case of potential security alerts, our Cyber Analysts investigate and execute response runbooks to contain and remediate any threats. We continuously assess and optimize our processes, technology, and team to stay ahead of adversaries.
Our Cyber Analysts are highly trained and accredited, with many holding CISSP and OSCP certifications. We provide rigorous training and certification to ensure that our Socnology Team is equipped with the latest threat hunting procedures and technology capabilities.

Rest assured that our Threat Hunters work around the clock to conduct thorough threat hunting. They support our Analysts team in detecting and investigating both known and unknown threats. Our team is constantly on the lookout for potential threats and takes swift action to prevent them from causing harm. Specifically, our Threat Hunters are skilled at identifying and neutralizing attackers who have already infiltrated your environment, as well as quickly detecting and containing attackers who manage to bypass your security controls. To stay up-to-date on the latest tactics and techniques used by threat actors, our team uses cutting-edge tools such as real-time threat intelligence mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, elite security researchers, sophisticated threat hunting tools, and machine learning models with artificial intelligence pattern recognition.

The Incident Response Coordinator is in charge of coordinating and managing the response to cyber security incidents. Our Socnology Incident Response Coordinators act as a focal point for all stakeholders involved in the incident response process. Coordinating the response to incidents and to be able to convey complex technical information to non-technical stakeholders also be able to facilitate communication between different groups involved in the incident response process. Their ability to coordinate and manage the response to incidents can greatly reduce the impact of cyber security threats and help to protect assets and reputation.