Incident Response

After a breach detected the incident must be managed by an experience IR Team

Our Incident Response Services with our 4-hour remote threat suppression commitment, put a halt to attackers in their tracks. Our swift response is unparalleled, containing incidents and restoring your business to standard operation in record time. Available On-Demand 24/7 Incident Response as a retainer offering, or for Emergency Incident Response support.


24/7 Response to any Security Incident

When you are facing a Cyber Incident over your Company, a quick and efficient Incident Response Team can reduce your risk exposure, mitigate the incident and recover your business activity in a matter of hours. Socnology 24/7 on-demand Incident Response services provide immediate access to expert support, bringing swift control and stability to your organization during a breach. This can make the difference between a catastrophic day and just another day at the office, as the speed at which your organization can contain and recover from a security incident is crucial in minimizing business disruption, reducing costs, and mitigating reputational damage. Our services include a toolset, deployed in your environment, to give instant access, detection, and containment capabilities the moment you call.

What You Can Count On

Complete Support From Response To Recover
We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire investigative lifecycle to ensure a seamless recovery. Our services include assistance with filing cyber insurance claims, preserving compliance and litigation evidence, facilitating the transition of findings to law enforcement, supporting legal proceedings and implementing lessons learned to strengthen security gaps.

Incident Response Team, On-Demand
Our incident response team, composed of highly accredited cybersecurity experts with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, is at your service with priority access on-demand. Our team is available 24/7 and conducts remote end-to-end investigations, ready to assist you with any cybersecurity incidents.

Digital Forensics Tools
With our digital forensics tools, we can swiftly deliver value by collecting digital forensics artifacts, regardless of the size or location of your organization. This allows us to quickly restore normal business operations within hours instead of days. By strategically deploying our Tools to devices across your network, our team can gain immediate access and forensic capabilities within minutes of your call, enabling us to actively work towards suppressing the threat.

Incident Response services

Available: On-Demand or Emergency IR

PROACTIVE (On-Demand 24/7 Incident Response Retainer)

    • Take advantage of our global, remote  threat suppression capability, accessible from anywhere in the world. 
    • Our Digital Forensics Tools are strategically deployed to devices within your network. 
    • Within minutes of your request, our team gains digital forensic capabilities on your network, allowing us to proactively suppress the threat. 
    • Unlimited incident response hours without any upfront commitment.

REACTIVE (Emergency Incident Response)

    • Fast mobilization and deployment strategies to promptly safeguard your systems and networks
    • Comprehensive incident management processes that cover the entire spectrum, from containment to recovery
    • Expert digital forensic analysis to gather extensive information and insights from your systems and networks
    • Thorough forensic analysis to accurately assess the scope of compromised assets and identify root causes
    • Efficient incident recovery procedures to restore normalcy to your systems and networks
    • Determination of the full extent of the incident and timely reporting to stakeholders
    • Compliance support to meet regulatory requirements through centralized collection, retention, and reporting of log, network, and endpoint data
    • Litigation support as needed to navigate legal proceedings
    • Crisis communication support to manage communication during critical situations.

hours per day

days per week


Complete Cyber Incident Response

4-Hour Remote SLA with Retainer

Efficiently deploys a comprehensive investigative toolkit and skilled responders to swiftly enhance visibility and offer crucial support across your impacted networks and assets.

Managed Containment 

Imposes strict security measures to isolate and contain threat actors, thwarting their ability to propagate and minimizing the impact on business operations.

Digital Forensic Analysis

Analyzes the event to identify the underlying cause, impacted systems, and the methods used by the attacker. Assistance in resolving them on impacted assets.

Tool Set

Deployment of commercial and open-source tools, as needed, to collect endpoint telemetry, full network packets, netflow and log data from on-premises and cloud environments to provide multiple vantage points for analysis.

Recovery Handling

Reliable and resilient procedures for managing assets and maintaining a verifiable chain of custody. Ensures the network is secure and monitors for attacker response and persistence measures.

Incident Report

Reliable and resilient procedures for managing assets and maintaining a verifiable chain of custody. Ensures the network is secure and monitors for attacker response and persistence measures.

Meet Socnology Resilience Team

With the Socnology Resilience Team, you gain access to highly credentialed responders, with decades of experience and multiple industry certifications. Our team possesses extensive expertise in understanding how targeted attacks bypass defenses, including the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) employed by adversaries to accomplish their goals. Socnology’s Incident Response procedures are not reliant on inflexible frameworks, but rather on adaptable solutioning and practical incident response experience.